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25 Jul


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News of Winehouse’s Death Inundates Social Media

July 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

If you were connected to the web at all this weekend, you know the chatter was all about the too-soon death of troubled singer Amy Winehouse.  Like many, I learned about Winehouse’s death on social media, after reading a flurry of posts from Facebook friends. The ensuing conversations included comments about drug addiction, memorials posted with Winehouse YouTube videos, and, yes, a few bad “Rehab” jokes. A video of her last performance, taken just days before her death, was also making the viral rounds.

Like the public, celebrities took to social media as well. The Huffington Post compiled numerous tweets from celebrities, like Winehouse friend Kelly Osbourne. Friend and comedian Russell Brand also shared a touching blog entry in her memory.

How did social media play into how you heard and discussed the singer’s death?

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