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01 Oct


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Need Social Strategy? Get a Jenny!

October 1, 2010 | By | No Comments

Juggling Social Media?  Need Social Strategy? Get a Jenny!

You want an online presence that’s positive and relevant; one that engages customers and builds brand awareness; one that makes you a leader in your industry. But how do you find the time and develop the expertise when you’re juggling so many other areas of the business and cutting costs left and right?

Enter @getaJenny, also known as Jennifer Munoz, Strategy Analyst at Social Strategy1. Jenny is a real person, and so is the team of social media business analysts at Social Strategy1 like Monica Melgar and Rosa Perez, who each  provide the expertise you need to develop the online strategy that makes your brand a leader, from social media monitoring (SMM) to search management and more. What will “a Jenny” do for you?

Jenny is a brand monitor. As important as Facebook and Twitter are in the networked world, there’s more to the World Wide Web than the big social sites. From social bookmarking sites like Digg to conventional media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Jenny monitors your brand’s web presence so you know what’s being said and who’s saying it—information that will help you do anything from mitigate crises to develop new products.

Jenny is a brand advocate. It’s one thing to provide reports on what’s being said about the brand—it’s an entirely different animal to respond to comments in a reasoned and professional way. Get a Jenny and you get a brand advocate who’s immersed in your firm. She knows your products. She knows your key personnel. She knows your customer care initiatives. Armed with that information, Jenny combats rumors and misperceptions with facts, providing responsive online reputation management.

Jenny is a social media expert. Many companies offer social media monitoring services; few offer the human touch needed to interpret results and transform them into profit-boosting customer relationships. Jenny engrosses herself in your brand’s online profile, from identifying trends to recognizing impending crises. The result is the ability to define and implement the short- and long-term strategies that make your brand better.

Jenny is a point person. Alas, Jenny can’t do everything; but she will act as a liaison, connecting you to the additional people power and resources you need to cultivate the online reputation your brand deserves. Her team members at Social Strategy1 also offer extensive, hands-on experience in a range of services, including online optimization, customer relationship management, and online sales initiatives. When you get a Jenny, her resources become yours.

Jenny is Social Strategy1. You have an accountant. You have a lawyer. You have an HR pro. It’s time to complete the team. Add the advocate, the advisor, the expert you need to build and implement a profit-building social media strategy. It’s time for your brand to “get a Jenny” from Social Strategy1.

Contact @sstrategy1 or @getaJenny.

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