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27 Apr


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More than Words – Engage Social Users with Pics

April 27, 2011 | By | No Comments

More than words. It’s not just the title of a power ballad from the era of hair metal bands. It’s actually a way to describe photo blogging, a platform businesses are using to share interesting and engaging content with social media users.

Jessica Amason on Mashable gives us a rundown on photo blogging. Using sites like Tumblr or WordPress, she writes, brands can publish their own photos, share pics submitted by others, or re-post (with proper credits, of course!) photos from other web and social sites.

Need an example? Jessica points us to Jane Aldridge, a teen who publishes personal style blog Sea of Shoes. Using compelling pictures and occasional commentary, she shares everything from cutting-edge shoes to vintage store fashion finds. Jessica writes the photo blog has helped the style maven become “one of the most influential personal style bloggers.”

You don’t need to be in the fashion industry to tap into photo blogging’s potential. Imagine an outfitter’s shop using a photo blog to share the outdoor adventures of employees and customers. Or take a cue from children’s photographer Jessica Barnak, who uses her photo blog to post portraits from recently completed sessions. (Disclosure: In addition to being a ridiculously talented photographer and savvy social media user, she’s also a family friend.)

Have you considered incorporating a photo blog into your social media strategy?

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