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10 Jun


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Mom’s Secret to Social Messages that Resonate

June 10, 2011 | By | No Comments

“If you had done it after I asked the first time, I wouldn’t have to keep asking you to do it.” I knew I’d “arrived” to parenthood the first time I heard myself saying that to my son—after all, I’d heard my own mom say it to me so many times. It seems that Andrew Hanelly, on Social Media Explorer, heard it, too. All of us eventually got mom’s message and did whatever it was we were supposed to do.

And, Andrew writes, that’s how it works for brands sending messages to consumers: “If you want to stand out amid the clutter, you have to be consistent.”

What does consistency look like? It means saying the same thing again and again. You don’t need to regurgitate the exact social media content you posted six months ago. But you can repackage the message, Andrew writes, by providing more context or changing the storytelling approach.

So how do we implement that spot-on advice? If your message is using widgets in the workplace, you can repackage it as “Widget Do’s and Don’ts”, “Widget Case Study,” “3 Ways Widgets Change the Way You Work,” etc. The repetitive content idea may not be original or groundbreaking, but it does get that message across—just like mom did.

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