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17 Mar


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Mind Your Social Media Manners – Tips

March 17, 2011 | By | No Comments

Over the last few days, we’ve seen too many instances of social media gone bad, from Chrysler’s unfortunate driving critique to Aflac’s inappropriate (and now former) sales-duck. After reading all the bad examples this week, I was happy to delve into Mitch Joel’s How to Be a Social Media Jerk. At the heart of Mitch’s advice is this: when you’re connecting with someone online, always imagine that person is in front of you.

He shares six tips, but the one that resonated most with me today was the advice to not be so pushy. We are becoming increasingly accustomed to the idea that social media has an ultimate purpose—to generate ROI. But sometimes, as Mitch illustrates, marketers lay on the pitch too hard and too soon. He describes it as the “…in-person equivalent of walking up to someone, introducing yourself and not letting them get a word in edge-wise as you suddenly begin to ramble through a twenty-minute sales presentation without their permission.”

Check out Mitch’s full list. It has the kind of common sense that may just compel you to give it the same treatment your mom used to give to a great Ann Landers’ column: laminate it and post it where everyone can read it.  

I’m weary of social media gone bad examples—give me a good one! Share an awesome experience you had with a brand through social media. Or share an online interaction you had with one of your own customers that you felt was a success.

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