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28 Feb


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Mess-Free Social Media – Making Metrics Work

February 28, 2011 | By | No Comments

Did you ever Mess-Free Social Media – Making Metrics Work screw up a recipe because you missed a step—perhaps turning Grandma’s monster cookie recipe into a gooey mush not fit for the dog? Miss a step in the creation and implementation of social media strategy and you may not end up with a gooey mess—but you could sabotage your chances of success.

Capture the Conversation’s Wendy Hofstetter writes that missing a step is what often happens when companies try to turn social media efforts into ROI. She notes that a Bazaarvoice and The CMO Club 2010 survey reported that 81% of CMOs said they planned to track social media ROI, but only 40% reported they were able to do so successfully.

Why the disconnect? Wendy believes too many brands miss a critical first step: aligning social media objectives to the company’s overall business objectives. She makes an excellent point. Often in the rush and excitement of launching a social media strategy, it’s easy to forget that social media, for all its power to glean insight and create consumer connections, is a tool. Neglecting to align that tool with corporate strategy is a recipe for disappointment and frustration.

Check out Wendy’s full post for her five tips for aligning social media with business objectives.

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