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28 Jul


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Make Social Media Work for the Sales Team

July 28, 2011 | By | One Comment

Are the sales team’s social media efforts fully integrated with the rest of the company’s? If not, it can be a costly mistake. Social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, give salespeople the power to connect with prospects in varying stages of the buying cycle. TopRank Blog’s Lee Odden shares 5 social media tactics for sales teams. Here are two:

  1. Monitor social media for leads & engagement opportunities. Lee writes that buyers are tapping into online resources to inform purchasing decisions. By monitoring social media for the right keywords, sales reps will pinpoint opportunities to engage prospects.
  2. Collaborate within the company. Leadership can help sales team members develop the best practices that drive customer acquisition through social media, writes Lee. Whether it’s sharing templates or instituting social media education, decision makers should work with the sales staff to develop the tools needed for success in the social sphere.

Lee’s advice to collaborate is a key takeaway. Social media is not just a marketing tool. And it’s not just a PR tool. It’s a business tool. So if you’re in a department that “traditionally” handles social media, like marketing or PR, it might be time to start using those resources to help sales teams. In the end, the company will become more effective, efficient, and profitable!

If you have a sales force using social media to connect with consumers or B2B buyers, check out Lee’s full post for all 5 social media strategy tactics.

Has your company integrated social media into its sales team’s tactics?


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