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14 Sep


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Make Social Media Work for Service Firms

September 14, 2010 | By | No Comments

Make Social Media Work for Service Firms

You don’t sell widgets. You don’t sell gizmos. You sell yourself and your expertise. Whether you’re a partner in a leading law firm or a public relations expert, you are the product. Clients rely on your know-how to deliver results in a court room, in the media, or any number of other arenas. Here are just a few of the ways social media monitoring and presence can build your service brand:

Can you hear them now?

They’re talking about you right now. Maybe an unhappy client finds your website’s registration process intrusive or several customers write that it would be easier to do business with your company if you just added extra office hours. You won’t learn any of this unless you’re listening to the conversation. Social media monitoring gives you insight into the voice of the customer (VOC), which, in turn, helps you build better services.


Maybe an employee got a little mouthier with a client than he should have. Perhaps you have a client who just refuses to be satisfied, no matter how capable and flawless your service was. There’s an old-school rule of thumb that states a happy customer will tell 5 people but a dissatisfied customer will tell 20 people. Add social media into the mix and it’s easy to imagine how 200 or 2,000 potential clients can now read about a client’s bad experience.

Online listening tools allow you to know when it’s time to defend yourself, providing the opportunity to correct the misperceptions that could be costing you revenue and damaging your brand.

Sell those skills!

While we often think of online reputation management as a way to beat back nasty negative comments, service businesses can also manage reputation by providing quality content. The creation and sharing of good content creates value for readers and helps build the brand. Don’t think you’re just creating value for your typical client, either. Good content attracts other opportunities, too, such as consulting offers or media exposure.

Social media content can be tailored to the sites your clients prefer to use (and, of course, you’ll know that because you have an online listening program.) For example, share your knowledge and give clients’ value through blog posts, Digg articles, Facebook posts or YouTube videos.

Social media isn’t just a place for people to “Like” their favorite clothing store. It’s a place for service businesses to do everything from listen to clients to share valuable knowledge. When it’s time for you to step into the social media world in an effective, ROI-boosting way, contact the social media experts at Social Strategy1 for a no-obligation demo.

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