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27 Aug


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Looking to Launch? Blast Off Your Start-up with Social Media

August 27, 2011 | By | No Comments

If you’re looking to launch, social media’s low entry cost and laser-like targeting makes it an attractive marketing tool for entrepreneurs. But how can you leverage social media to generate buzz, foster online engagement, and build a positive online reputation? Ignite Social Media’s Brian Chappell shares tips for marketing a start-up using social media. The post is packed with advice, but I’ll share some highlights:

  • “Set up goals and a marketing timeline for things to get done.” Social media isn’t set-it-and-forget-it. Collect online intelligence, set benchmarks, and, as Brian so delightfully writes, “crush them each month.”
  • “Homebase first—social assets second” As critical as social media outposts are, they’re just that: outposts. When using social networks to connect, ultimately, a company like Facebook has a say in whether your Page stays up or not. Develop a quality website, and use social networks to drive traffic there. It’s great advice that underscores how critical it is to develop a social media strategy that stays in sync with all your other endeavors, including the website.

Comments or advice for entrepreneurs who want to utilize social media for their launch?

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