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31 Aug


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Where Are Your Buyers?

August 31, 2011 | By | No Comments

Any good social media strategy starts with goals & objectives generally followed by a listening and monitoring campaign and quality content development.  While this roadmap is a good start, often times the monitoring campaign is too focused on WHAT fans, followers and influencers are saying and we are not paying as much attention to WHERE they are saying it.

Creating relevant, authentic, informative and interesting content can have a meaningful influence on your brand and company as long as people see it.  The key is to cultivate and create online conversations and content where your customers and employees actually are engaging.

What influencers are saying is clearly important and has meaningful influence and great brands engage with their customers, all true.  But identifying places where customers, competitors and employees are aggregating and then participating in those forums with authentic content is a critical element to building a successful, long term strategy.

So always make sure you know WHAT is being said online about your company but do not forget to listen for WHERE it is being said or you may miss out on a meaningful way to grow your business.

Dennis Stoutenburgh is President & COO of Social Strategy1.  He contributes blog posts weekly and can be found on Twitter @DennisSS1.

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