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28 Feb


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Liking is Sharing – Facebook Says So

February 28, 2011 | By | No Comments

If caring is sharing then hitting the “Like” button means you care because now, you will also be sharing it. Facebook has decided to make changes to the functionality of the Like button to mimic what the Share button does. Now when you click on the Like button, a full story headline, blurb, and thumbnail will appear on your profile wall. You can even add a comment to the link.

Although the Share button will remain as is, Facebook is now focusing development on the Like button, Mashable’s Vadim Lavrusik reports.  Lavrusik states speculates that perhaps the change was made because most users really didn’t know the difference between the Like and Share button.

Now let’s see if users even notice the change. If they do, will they now start to think twice when Liking something? The change will make a users’ wall full of content that previously wouldn’t have been there. For publishers the result will be more traffic to their content but will users stop sharing everything they Like?

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