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31 Jan


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Lead Nurturing Explored In HubSpot eBook

January 31, 2012 | By | No Comments

While social-media and Internet-marketing tools are effectively helping businesses across industries boost lead nurturing and lead generation, it might seem like they require participation in an accelerated Ph.D. program. Often, small business owners are confused by the onslaught of Internet marketing jargon. Auto-responders, marketing automation, and drip marketing — such terms can cause even the savviest of businesspeople to break out in a cold sweat.

A new ebook, produced by HubSpot, helps businesses across industries and at all ends of the knowledge and experience spectrum use lead nurturing to their advantage — quickly and easily.

Lead nurturing defined

Lead nurturing is essentially a series of emails that you send to select leads, using a system that automates their delivery. These are enacted during the critical beginning stages of your relationship with such customers. The idea is to promote efficient, targeted communication that will bring in new and loyal customers — hook, line and sinker.

Research backs up a strategy of lead nurturing. In most industries, half of all qualified leads are not going to make a purchase when you reach out to them. It takes time and information to “nurture” that relationship. By finding out how your business’ sales cycle works, and the length of time it takes from communicating with a lead to closing the sale, you can focus your lead nurturing campaign to ensure success.

Benefits of lead nurturing

There are multiple advantages to using lead nurturing, including the following factors:

  • The sooner you can connect with a lead, the more likely you’ll be to generate a sale, a unique advantage of lead nurturing over mass email blasts and other forms of marketing.
  • Its ease of use is unparalleled. Using an automated system, all you do is carefully set up your email communications at the beginning of the process, and the system does the rest for you.
  • Focusing on lead nurturing pays off, producing a sales cycle that’s quicker — often by 23 percent.
  • It hits the bull’s-eye, allowing you to develop a series of emails that uniquely targets your qualified leads. You can develop these emails to suit a specific product or sales event, or pinpoint activity based on website use. Essentially, these emails will directly connect with customer interest.

Using materials such as HubSpot’s ebook can help you move from novice to expert in lead nurturing. Better yet, consider using an experienced, proven business to ensure your success right out of the gate.

At Social Strategy1, our primary goal is to provide you with social web information that you can use for real-time results and an increased bottom line. We can help you develop a targeted lead nurturing campaign, using the right tools that meet your needs and goals.

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