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12 Sep


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Is Your Blog a Content Graveyard?

September 12, 2011 | By | No Comments

The term content graveyard doesn’t sound like a good thing, does it? In fact, it’s one of the things businesses should avoid, according to American Express OPEN Forum’s 5 Things You Should Never Do in Social Media. In this perilous place, a brand launches a platform, such as a blog or Facebook Page, to share content. And then, after a few weeks of rabid content production, blogging (or Tweeting or posting) becomes a chore. After all, it’s hard to find time to blog between meetings or projects. It’s hard to find time to engage with commenters, too.

Visitors may come at first, but then they will go. And they will stay gone. There is no fresh content to learn from and no brand representative to engage them. They’ll go to a competitor’s site where they can get regular tips, tricks, and insights. They’ll go to a competitor’s site where someone is available to answer questions real-time.

Is your blog a quiet, gloomy content graveyard? Let the Social Strategy1 team help you breathe life into it. Contact us today.

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