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13 Sep


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Is Social Media Telling the Story You Want?

September 13, 2011 | By | No Comments

Whether you’re trying to promote a company/brand or you’re getting ready to look for a new job, using social media correctly can help you tell others what a company is about or who you are, very quickly.

Forget all the buzzwords like social media ROI, engagement, online sentiment, for now and instead think of how our social media presence is telling your story. When you meet someone at a party or networking event you don’t just start rattling off your product offering, do you? Do you just tell them to answer a survey and then get free product? No, instead you start with a little bit of history, something that people can connect with and relate to on a personal level.

Many companies are using social media to broadcast a message or get people to “Like” them. If you want long-lasting customer relationships you have to tell your story to get people interested in being a part of the story, to follow you on your continuing story and to be a part of the success because they connected with the story.

Social media marketer Taylor Wiegert recently wrote about The Power of the Story and gives some great tips on how to look at your brands messaging to ensure you make good use of the power your story can have. By asking questions like, “What do you want me to tell my friends?” and “Why should I spread the word?” you can evaluate your messaging to ensure you get the most of your social media efforts.

In today’s world your story is being told whether you’re engaging with your customer or not. Social media leaves it up to anyone to tell a story and put it out there for the world to read. You might as well make sure that the story being told about you or your brand is the one you want told to your grandchildren.

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