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28 Apr


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Is Ego Sabotaging Your Content Strategy?

April 28, 2011 | By | No Comments

If your social media content strategy is all about the brand, then you could be sending customers to the competition. Lee Odden, in Making the Leap: Egocentric to Empathy in Content Marketing, writes that many companies distribute content written from the brand’s point of view instead of the customer’s. Here are two of the steps he shares for creating content that engages customers because it considers their needs:

  1. Utilize real-time social media monitoring to pinpoint what topics and issues your audience is talking about in the social world.
  2. Mine your own customer service and sales departments to learn about the most common questions they receive. Then create content that clearly addresses those questions.

The takeaway: The idea behind social media is, after all, to be social. Brands who talk strictly in terms of features and benefits are akin to the guy at the party who talks only about his own awesome self. Don’t be that guy. Audit the company’s social media content and ask: is this written for us or is it written for our target market? Then, if needed, make the adjustments that take the brand from being an ego-inflated partygoer to the interested and engaged person everyone at the party wants to stand next to.

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