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19 Sep


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Innovation in Video Marketing

September 19, 2011 | By | No Comments

Last week a very innovative video marketing service from Oculu was featured as’s “Deal of the Day.  The new service, which is one of kind, allows for businesses to create a marketing or adverting video piece (with a custom script) featuring a professional spokesperson.

How is this innovative or one of a kind?  Well, the spokesperson walks in front of your actual webpage creating an enticing eye catcher for new visitors of your site.  We loved the concept so much that we have started using the video service for our company website ( and for the Mike Lewis Book website (  Click either link above to see this video marketing service in action.  It is a great way to grab the reader’s attention; if you came to our blog from the homepage I guarantee that you noticed the spokeswoman!

The truth is people love video! YouTube and Vimeo videos are easily embedded and can be shared without much effort making them extremely popular with businesses of all sizes. YouTube is also the 3rd most visited website (1.Google, 2.Facebook) and available in 43 languages, making it very global (tremendous reach).  Viral video is the future of marketing and advertising in a social world.

What do you think about video?  Do you know of any other innovative video services like Oculu’s offering? If so, please feel free to share them with our readers.

Oculu’s service is still being featured on OfficeArrow as a great deal (was $750, now $299), I highly recommend looking into it.

Michael F. Lewis II is a Social Media Consultant and Marketing Analyst for Social Strategy1.  He contributes several blogs weekly to the SS1 site.  Connect with Michael on Twitter via @mlewii.

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