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23 Sep


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How to Engage on Twitter – Small Business Commandment

September 23, 2011 | By | No Comments

Are you a small business pro or entrepreneur still trying to figure out how to engage customers or B2B buyers on microblogging site Twitter? Here’s one rule that is surprisingly simple:

Thou shalt retweet and comment.

Kym McNicholas on Forbes shares social media tips for small businesses. To engage on Twitter, she offers this strategy: “keep the conversation going.” Kym points to Twitter star @heykim, who has a following nearly 25,000 strong. But what’s just as telling is that she’s a serial conversationalist, tweeting more than 100,000 times and following more than 27,000 accounts. @heykim retweets generously, often sharing a word or two of her own on the subject, and she checks back in with people regarding conversations tweeted days earlier.

As you can see, “simple” doesn’t mean work-free. And while it does take time and effort to engage on Twitter or any other social media site, it can produce the type of relationships that foster connection and build your business. So what are you waiting for? Start engaging!

To learn more about effectively using social media to grow your small business, check out this Office Arrow/Social Strategy1 webinar, Social Media Secrets for Small Business.

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