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15 Jun


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How Real-Time, Location-Based Social Media Boosts Search Rank

June 15, 2011 | By | No Comments

Still think there’s no compelling reason to jump onto Twitter or onto geolocation social media sites like Foursquare? New media and small biz marketing consultant Jeff Korhan, on Social Media Examiner, shares one fresh reason:  As social search gains traction, Google and other search engines, he writes, are giving greater emphasis to content with real-time info, including time and location. Social media platforms give brands the tools to share that real-time, location-specific information.

Here are 2 of Jeff’s best practices for leveraging up-to-date social content for higher rankings:

  1. Check-in as you go about your day. From Facebook Places to Foursquare, there are a number of social media channels that allow you to let the audience know where you’re engaging during the business day.
  2. Switch on Twitter location. This not only adds context to tweets, it also pinpoints your business for Advanced Twitter Search users.

Implementing some social media strategy tactics can be tricky. These tips, however, are super-simple ways to help boost your brand’s profile in social search—so give them a try!

Check out Jeff’s tip-rich article to learn additional best practices for making content social search friendly.

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