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01 Aug


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How Many Social Media Accounts Does It Take…

August 1, 2011 | By | One Comment

To facilitate internal and external conversation? Try 178. That’s the number of social media accounts the average large company (1000+ employees) owns, according to Altimeter research.


The key question is: How are companies handling it? In a Web Strategy post, leading Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang writes that there are firms who are successfully managing their plethora of accounts with a strategy. The first step:

Prepare internally. Successful companies tend to prepare an internal social media account requirements checklist before the accounts go live. Requirements for a corporate business unit going social might include, for example, process development or training initiatives.

 Although Jeremiah’s work suggests that successful companies do this before accounts are live, I don’t think that should stop a brand from developing a requirements checklist even if the accounts already exist. It’s true that it’s always trickier to walk accounts back, but the fact is that all corporate accounts and users should align with larger business strategies and goals.

The key takeaway: if social media is going to work in a profitable way, brands need to manage all Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social accounts with a consistent social media strategy.

Check out Jeremiah’s full post for more detailed information on how brands effectively manage numerous social media accounts.


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