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11 Jul


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How Do You Use LinkedIn?

July 11, 2011 | By | No Comments

So how do you use the professional networking site LinkedIn? Charlie White on Mashable shared research from Lab 42 that revealed info about how your fellow biz professionals utilize the site. Lab 42 surveyed 500 American LinkedIn usersĀ and shared how they value it as a professional networking tool.

For example:

  • 20% of top-level execs use LinkedIn mostly to promote their business, in contrast to just 6% of entry-level employees.
  • Only 13% of the top-level set uses the site mostly for co-worker networking, while a more significant 23% of entry-level folks do the same.
  • A mere 9% of top-level execs use the social network mostly for job searches; about one-quarter of entry-level employees do the same.

Does the difference in how various levels of the corporate ladder use LinkedIn surprise you? How do you use the social networking site?

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