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Health Insurer Uses Social to Start Conversations

June 20, 2011 | By | No Comments

It’s probably fair to say that the health insurance industry isn’t going to make anyone’s list of best-loved industries. Whether it’s rising premiums or denied claims, the industry has had its share of bad PR. Yet on Socialnomics, Dana Losavio, new media communications specialist at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC), shares how her company employs social media strategy to tap into the voice of the customer.

The Platform:, a dedicated website that encourages consumers to share their thoughts and ideas regarding medical costs.

How it Works: Users post comments, questions, or frustrations in one of six categories: attorneys, doctors, hospitals, individuals, insurers, pharmaceuticals. They have the opportunity to comment on thoughts posted by others as well. Community members include company leaders, who monitor and respond to the conversations.

Why They Do It: Dana writes that the online community allows BCBSNC to assess customers’ needs, concerns, and sentiment regarding health care cost issues. Conversations have ranged from health insurance company profits to electronic communication with doctors.

This sounds like a savvy move by BCBSNC. In addition to using a social media strategy to assess needs, concerns, and sentiment, they’re nurturing the perception that they are the company who wants to hear the customers’ voices—a critical distinction in an industry that (either rightly or wrongly) is not exactly known for being open to customer needs.

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