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08 Mar


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Has Social Media Changed Your Business Model?

March 8, 2011 | By | No Comments

As companies adjust to the various ways in which social media is affecting their day to day business, at some point this question comes up. Where do we put social media? Does it belong in Marketing, PR, Sales, or Customer Service?

Brian Solis recently spoke to that question in his blog post Social Media and the Need for New Business Models. Instead of answering the question though he asks, “Who owns the customer relationship?”

His answer is of course…everyone. Social media has made us all part of the customer relationship in a way that has an immediate effect. Social media has made the demand part of “supply and demand” a force that businesses can use to reinvent themselves. Will businesses continue to use an old business model and figure out where social media fits in? Or will they start from the demand that social media drives and fit everything else around it?

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