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25 Oct


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Got Social Media Training?

October 25, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social media guidelines are becoming a must-have for many brands, from law firms to pet boutiques. But along with emphasizing appropriate use of social media for internal and external communication, there’s another tool companies can use to create a team that engages customers online with fewer reputation-ruining gaffes: social media training.

In a recent post, Forrester analyst Melissa Parrish shares tidbits of her latest research on corporate social media training programs. She’s found that training happens across 4 dimensions and evolves along with the company’s social media maturity. The dimensions of social media training are:

  • Content, which ranges from improvised in a newly social workplace to standardized in a socially mature organization
  • Delivery, from self-service to recurring
  • Participants, from voluntary to role-appropriate education for all
  • Measurement, from no measurement to a percentage of trained employees

Is social media training part of your company’s social media governance?

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