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22 Jun


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Got Humans? Social Strategy Needs Them

June 22, 2011 | By | No Comments

People. That’s what social media is about. We might use buzz words like online engagement or online reputation management or online influencer. But these are just fancy ways of saying that brands use new media platforms to interact with consumers (as opposed to broadcasting to consumers).

In his blog, marketing expert Chris Brogan shared an experience in which an interviewer asked him how to automate all their social media usage. Like Chris, I was struck by the questioner’s desire to take the human out of what is a very human platform.

Automation is not a dirty word. After all, a big part of what we do at Social Strategy1 is deliver intelligence that companies use to build brand awareness and assess consumer sentiment. And, of course, businesses also need a way to measure the ROI on their social media strategy.

But for all the fancy tools and cool dashboards, we can’t forget the significant human element in a successful social media strategy. What does that element look like? It’s the social media team who:

  • Responds promptly to tweets, comments, and posts.
  • Interacts in a genuine, professional way with customers on social networks.
  • Uses their own expertise and know-how to analyze social media metrics and adjust social media tactics accordingly.
  • Uses their own expertise and know-how to craft a social media strategy that aligns with and supports the corporate mission and objectives.

Got humans?

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