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05 Jul


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Google Plus Will Win

July 5, 2011 | By | One Comment

Google Plus will eventually be bigger than Facebook. There. I’ve said it. Everyone is skeptical still. Sure the reviews are becoming more positive. Sure many are saying it will get the users that are still looking for an alternative to Facebook. But I think it will eventually win over Facebook in the most important way. It all comes down to where the money will go.

Although right now all eyes are on Facebook because of its targeted advertising options and user base, Google has been in the online advertising space for much longer. Google is seen as search, not social. Well with Google+, search will become social and Facebook will start to lose advertising dollars. It will just take time before SEO (search engine optimization) will be faded out by social engine optimization.  I think at some point our search engine results will be based on the “+ 1’s” and not on optimized sites based on keywords.

This is what I’ve been waiting for: search results based on influence by people I’ve chosen to inform me. I don’t want to know what company sells more, codes its site better, has more links come to it, etc. I want to know, within my circle of either friends, colleagues or family, what they deem is a good product or service. This will give any size business the opportunity to compete with the best product in what will be an industry truly driven by the people.

What’s left to be determined is how long this will take. I have no doubt that it will happen, just not sure how many will see how that by using their vote, it will benefit us all.

So, will you use Google+ when it’s available?


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