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05 May


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Google Most Reputable U.S. Firm – Where Do You Stand?

May 5, 2011 | By | No Comments

Google is the most reputable American company, says a Harris Interactive Poll. More than 30,000 participants identified and rated the 60 most visible U.S. companies. Ratings were based on 20 criteria ranging from financial performance to social responsibility.

Other companies that topped the list included tech giants Apple (#5), Amazon (#8), and Microsoft (#16). The bottom of the list had not-so-surprising results: AIG, BP, ExxonMobile, and Goldman Sachs.

So where do you rank? Brands that aren’t among the most visible in the country can still get a solid sense of how customers perceive them—without a national poll. Online intelligence tools, including sentiment analysis, give companies insight into what people are saying about them and competitors on social networks (like Facebook) and customer review sites (such as Yelp).

For more details about Google and the Harris Interactive Poll, visit Mashable’s Ben Parr.

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