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21 May


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Forecast For Social Media In 2012 Is Bright

May 21, 2012 | By | No Comments

We use social media so much and so often these days – to stay in touch friends and family, make purchases, promote our businesses, and so much more – that we forget how truly young the medium is. In truth, we’re in the midst of a massive social media boom, one that will transform the business world even more than it already has. Recent studies and surveys from across the world, applying to countless industries, are all indicating that 2012 will be banner year for social media, one that could boost the fortunes of businesses that choose to embrace it.

We’ve gathered links to a few social media studies that we’ve found insightful and indicative of this exciting period of growth:

  • Social media is worldwide – Social networks aren’t just taking hold in the US; a recent survey conducted by Nielsen reveals that Facebook is growing rapidly all across the planet, from rising countries like Brazil to European states like Spain and France. As a result, the barriers between your business and the global marketplace are rapidly falling.
  • Management is buying-in – Google and global research firm Millward Brown recently released a joint survey of European business owners which revealed, among many other things, that management of high-level companies are finally understanding the appeal of social media, with 73% of those surveyed believing that businesses who use social media will grow faster.
  • Even politicians are taking notice – In the contentious 2012 US presidential election, the only clear winners are those who advocate social media. The Hill reports that President Obama is on track to spend $35 million on social media and other online advertising this year, and Mitt Romney is planning his own massive online push as well. To contrast, in 2008, Obama spent only $16 million on online advertisements, while then-Republican nominee John McCain spent a mere $3.6 million.

As you can see, 2012 will be a huge year for social media. If your small business isn’t already embracing social media, then it’s time to start doing so. Whether you need full-time social media consulting, or simply the tools and knowledge to do it yourself, Social Strategy1 can help your business achieve its social media goals. Our services – including Beam Social, the most advanced social media toolkit available to small businesses today – will put your business on the road to success.

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