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02 Aug


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Find Us, But Only So We Can Sell More Product

August 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

Today while going through my daily morning routine I was thinking of some of the products that I use and how I’d like to see some small improvements. Now that the internet is past its infancy phase, communication with a brand should be easy as a few clicks, right? Or since most brands have either a website or a Facebook page, it should be easy to give them some of my ideas on product improvement…or maybe not.

Aussie –  It’s an inexpensive hair care product line that I’ve used for years and I’ve been generally happy about the quality of the products. Aussie’s website failed to make it easy for me to help them make a better product or at least tell them which products do work well. There is the standard “Contact us” link at the bottom of the page but that gives me the impression it will get lost in the electronic pile that ends up in an overwhelmed inbox. They did have a survey pop-up that encouraged me to tell them that I did not in fact find what I was looking for on their website. They do have a Facebook link but is offered as a way to get tips (sell more product) and get discounts (sell more product) not as a means of communicating with their product development team.

Almay– the hypoallergenic cosmetic line. Almay at least has the right intentions. Instead of hiding the Contact us link at the bottom, they have it as a drop-down option from their Connect subtitle. That tells me they at least want to connect with me, not just sell me a product. Although I still ended up at a generic Contact us page there is at least some verbiage that tells me this is where I should share my ideas. They also have a live chat link. Their Facebook page unfortunately is more product selling.

Soft & Dri. The biggest fail because not only did they have the Contact us link at the bottom in really small font, it links to a Henkel site which makes me wonder how big that electronic pile would be if they lump all their product feedback from the same page. As far as a Facebook page, none to be found, at least not one that Henkel, Dial or Soft & Dri owns. I did come across a page called “I Hate It When All The Parents Buy ‘Soft & Dri’ Deodorant”. It only has 10 likes but I wonder if Dial or Henkel is even aware that the page was created. This would be a good reason to have social media monitoring program to alert them when something like this was created and perhaps come up with a way to address Facebook perspiration.

Have you tried communicating with a brand that you use daily? How did it  go?

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