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24 Mar


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FB Plug-ins for Your Website

March 24, 2011 | By | No Comments

The marriage of search and social is a topic that many, including the faithful bloggers at Social Strategy1, have been talking about. Search engines now consider social signals to inform the search results consumers see.  That makes it more critical than ever for companies to have a social media presence.

Brands can give their social media presence a boost by promoting it from their corporate website. Leyl Master Black writes about using Facebook social plug-ins on your website. Here’s an overview of her 4 top Facebook plug-ins to consider:

  1. Like Button – This is the “thumbs up” icon you’ve probably already seen on news stories, blogs, etc.
  2. Like Box – The box allows users who Like your Page to view its stream directly from your website.
  3. Recommendations – Give users personalized recommendations for your website’s content based on what other users have shared with others.
  4. Comments – Facebook users can comment on content directly on your site and then share that comment through their Wall.

Start promoting your brand’s social media presence from your website. For details, check out Leyl’s full post on Mashable.

What other ways do you promote social media presence through your website?

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