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15 Mar


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FB is for Friends, Not Brands, Say Teens

March 15, 2011 | By | No Comments

Are brands “uncool” on Facebook? It seems some teens feel that way. On ReadWriteWeb, John Paul Titlow shares “Despite Living Online, Teenagers Don’t Want to “Like” Your Company on Facebook.” It reviews a Forrester report outlining teenagers’ disinterest in connecting with brands on the social network. Here are key findings:

  • Just 16% of teens expect companies to interact with them through social media tools
  • 28% expect brands to listen to what they’re saying and respond to their questions
  • 26% reported they had trust in a brand’s social networking profile, but 50% said they trusted a company’s website

What can brands take away from this report?

  1. Teens don’t want marketing messages on Facebook, they just want you to listen, writes John Paul.
  2. The market that inhabits the social media sphere isn’t one vast demographic. It’s broken down into much more nuanced segments with different wants, needs, behaviors, and motivations. A social media tactic or campaign that’s a hit with young adults might fall flat with teens, and vice versa.

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