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17 May


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Facebook vs. Twitter – Should I Post Here or There?

May 17, 2011 | By | No Comments

From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and YouTube, the laundry list of social media platforms can make it tricky to determine which social content should be published where. Mashable’s Christina Warren recently wrote a piece that provides a hint for brands.

She shares “Which TV Shows Are the Most Social?” a list based on episode check-ins, Facebook Likes, and site comments. The list is intriguing, in part, because several shows that hit it big on social media, such as Glee (#4) and Smallville (#9), aren’t necessarily winners based on the traditional measurement of TV success: Nielsen ratings.

But for me, the most interesting stat was which channels fans use to engage with others:

  • When a show was actually airing 50% of users said they tweeted about the show.
  • 35% used Facebook to connect while the show was airing.

This suggests that connecting with consumers during in-the-moment events might be more effective if you’re use Twitter, which is an in-the-moment engagement tool. Think industry conferences, grand openings, or open house events.

How do you determine which platform is right for a particular message?

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