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14 Feb


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Facebook Page Changes – Like or Dislike?

February 14, 2011 | By | No Comments

Changes in the social media world happen at a pace that would give anyone whiplash. New social media networks can change the business landscape quickly—but changes come at an even faster pace within each individual network. For instance, Facebook just changed how companies use Pages to connect with users.

Vadim Lavrusik from Mashable wrote an excellent outline of the alterations. Here are two highlights:

  • Increased flexibility for Page admins – Brand reps can now toggle back and forth between posting as the brand Page or as their own personal profile. By posting comments, replies, etc, with their personal profile, admins are able to add a human face to their interactions.
  • More emphasis on images –Just like the recent changes to Facebook profiles, Pages will now feature photos at the top of the screen. The result is that Page admins will need to pay more attention to the brand photos they share and how frequently they’ll add this new image content.

Have you been playing with the new Facebook Page changes? Share your thoughts about how they will affect social media strategy engagement tactics—positively or negatively.

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