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26 May


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Facebook Fans Want Sneak Peeks and Previews, Says Survey

May 26, 2011 | By | One Comment

What can brands do to improve the Facebook experience for consumers? By sharing sneak peeks and previews, say the Facebook fans in one eMarketer study. Here are highlights of the suggestions fans gave for improving brand Facebook Pages:

  • 39% say they want advance info and previews of future products and offers
  • 33% want the ability to join in games and competitions
  • 33% want to be invited to off-Facebook brand events
  • 33% want access to exclusive info
  • 26%  say they want to be involved in the development of upcoming products and offers

Ignite Social Media’s Lisa Braziel shares her insights on the stats. Like Lisa, I was intrigued by the idea that respondents said they want to be invited to brand-related events off of Facebook. It suggests that fans want more than “social” for its face value—they want “social” in the genuine community sense. Combined with the finding that fans want games and competitions, this gives brands plenty of opportunity for online engagement. For example, a bakery chain might use Facebook to invite fans to a special muffin-tasting event, featuring a contest to come up with a new muffin flavor suggestion.

Studies like this one provide insight into what consumers say they want, but, ultimately, the best intelligence comes from targeted social media monitoring and engagement. Can you identify exactly what your brand fans want from your Facebook Page?


  1. hey great statistics

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