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02 Jun


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Facebook Engagement: Beyond the Discount

June 2, 2011 | By | No Comments

When it comes to creating a Facebook campaign, many businesses turn to exclusive discounts or specials. And while those tactics are definitely popular in the social media sphere, there are other ways to reward your fans on the largest social network.

Leyl Master Black shares some of those in 4 Creative Ways to Reward Your Facebook Fans. One way is to show social media users that you’re listening. For example, it can be as simple as responding to fans who take the time to post. In the piece, social media strategist Alex Levine says:

 “Attention is a highly undervalued reward to Facebook fans…Not only does this provide (nearly) immediate gratification for fans, but it also encourages the behavior, thus greatly improving the probability and volume of their future engagement with your brand.”

Leyl also shares an example from Honda, which ran a “We’re Fans of You Too” week, during which the brand directly responded to the innovative ways fans showed brand love. After one fan carved a Honda logo into their lawn, the auto maker responded by carving the fan’s name into the lawn of their corporate headquarters. Talk about making a powerful connection with a customer—and his friends, family, and colleagues!

Many customers want discounts and specials, but it might be time to go beyond the discount code and start engaging in other ways. What innovative ways have you seen to genuinely engage customers through social media?

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