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26 Apr


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Facebook Deals Are Here!

April 26, 2011 | By | No Comments

Today Facebook released its new Deals feature in Atlanta, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, and San Diego. With the success that Groupon has seen and the rise of Living Social it only makes sense that Facebook would capitalize on its 600 million plus network of potential daily deal grabbers.

Although Groupon is planning an IPO and Living Social is doing really well, there are a few things that may help Facebook take the lead on the daily deal boom.

  • You’ll be able to buy vouchers for the places offering Deals with Facebook credits, making it the first non-virtual good you can purchase with Facebook currency.
  • Assuming it will work like it does already in Europe, for the retailer it will be free. The other daily deal outfits make their money by charging the retailer a cut from every discounted transaction.
  • Targeted deals. In addition to the data available with their Like and Places features, the demographic data will make the offering much more appealing to retailers.
  • Sharing is in the design. With the other daily deals, you’re encouraged to share your liking of a deal or purchase but with Facebook, its assumed you’ll be sharing.

It will be interesting to see what kind of impact this new offering will have on Groupon and Living Social. So now that Facebook has so many people stuck online sharing, chatting, and liking, let’s grab a Deal and get out and be social in the real world.

To see more information visit the Facebook Blog.

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