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28 Mar


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Embassy Building – Social Media Style

March 28, 2011 | By | No Comments

Do you view social media as a broadcasting tool? A marketing tool? Now there’s another way to view social media: as an embassy. I learned about the analogy from reading Dr. Pete Meyers on SEOmoz, who, in turn, discovered the idea on Zen Habits. The original Zen Habits article compares a website to a “digital home” and states social media exists “to maintain relationships with ‘distant lands’ and to act as an outpost for people who want to connect outside my home base…

Dr. Pete expands on the idea by sharing six actionable tips for building a social media embassy. One of the tips is to foster allegiances. He writes: “Your social media embassies aren’t just a place to broadcast your opinions and hurl links at people. They’re an opportunity to build relationships.”

What do I love about this? Okay, I admit, I love the imagery of hurling links. More importantly, what I love is that the analogy and Dr. Pete’s suggestions view social media as an integrated part of a larger strategy. U.S. embassies support American strategy—not the other way around. Likewise, social media should be an intelligence and engagement tool that contributes positively and measurably to the company’s success.

Thoughts on social media’s role as an embassy?

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