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E-commerce Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

June 1, 2012 | By | No Comments

The ranking of your website in Google and other search engines depends on the success of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. SEO is very important when you are trying to attract attention and customers to your e-commerce site. For beginners in the SEO game, your product pages can be effective places to concentrate your e-commerce SEO efforts. Each individual product page offers several opportunities to boost rankings, improve click-through, and refine traffic targeting.

Product description
Each product description on your site should contain unique content that lets Google and other search engines give you higher page rankings. Spend some extra time to make sure each description is fresh and new. Don’t just borrow information from manufacturers’ sites; text that repeats material on other sites will not help with your individual e-commerce SEO, and may harm your efforts to improve rankings.

Product images
Product images should present clear, high-quality representations of your products, either on a white background or being used in a normal setting. Include a descriptive image name instead of just a number, code or abbreviation. For example, arch-support-running-shoe-2243.png is better than 2243.png. Add ALT tags to each image, ideally using part of the same descriptive name as the image tag.

Product videos
Product videos are a rich source of content that boost customer interest and increase links to product pages. Videos give you a powerful method of differentiating yourself from competitors. Include only one video per page. Include keywords that are more likely to return results on videos, such as “demonstration,” “tutorial,” or “how-to.”

Customer reviews
A customer review section offers an ongoing source of unique new content for your site. Invite customers to review your products and services. An incentive such as a discount or other bonus will help inspire customers to write reviews and share.

Q&A section
Like reviews, a Q&A section can provide a consistent source of unique content on your site. It will give you the opportunity to include user-generated content on individual product pages while also letting you craft answers that take good advantage of keywords and other important terms.

Page URL
A unique URL for each page covers basic SEO. Avoid using categories and subcategories in URLs. Instead, use the product name and a code number, such as, which is much easier for the consumer to follow.

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