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21 Mar


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Don’t Let Your App Be a One-hit Wonder

March 21, 2011 | By | No Comments

If you can get into the digital commerce space, statistics like 5.2 billion mobile app subscribers and 1.2 trillion dollars being generated by mobile telecoms are hard to ignore. Mashable’s Jeanna Lee Tahnk spoke to some leading mobile app developers to gain insight into how to create a “blockbuster app.” So, if you’ve decided that mobile is the way to go, here are 5 tips I’ve summarized to get the most from your app.

Make it Personal – Instead of trying to fill a niche in the market or create something that you think will be successful, take into consideration would you seek in an app experience. Personal need or desire should guide you when designing an app.

Get Feedback Early On– Get the app out as early as possible. Once the app is being used you can observe users’ behavior and analyze what does and doesn’t work. Also share your prototype as soon as possible with friends and family so that you can tweak as you develop.

Think Big – Build your app with a big audience in mind so that it is positioned for a wider adoption and greater chance for success.

Start Free – No matter how good an app is, very few will find out if they have to pay first. To get the most exposure you should make your app available to the masses early on to create word-of-mouth buzz from the get go.

Have a Vision – Even though you have a great idea you try and think beyond it and see if you can anticipate how it will change a user’s behavior in a real-world setting. Unless there’s some vision behind your idea, it may end a one-hit wonder.

Do you have other suggestions to share that you’ve learned from your experiences with mobile?

Read Jeanna’s entire article at Mashable.

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