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10 Mar


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Does Your Social Media Work Part-time?

March 10, 2011 | By | No Comments

On the local radio station’s flashback lunch hour today, I heard a classic: Stevie Wonder’s Part-Time Lover. Shortly after, I read a blog by Ben Castelli on Capture the Conversation, and the tune immediately came to my mind again. Ben’s blog covers a critical, and sometimes missing, social media tactic: content keyword optimization.

Incorporating effective keywords helps build your social network visibility—after all Twitter, YouTube, etc. offer a search feature to users. However the right keywords also increase a brand’s overall online visibility. Ben notes that Google and Bing now use keyword phrases to include social media content, such as branded profiles, in search results.

What does that mean for social media practitioners? Brands that want to build and maintain a competitive edge should recognize that part of social media’s power lies in its ability to contribute to a complete and managed online presence.

You’re already leveraging social media for online engagement, reputation management, and online listening. But if you’re not incorporating keywords into branded content, then social media is not living up to its full potential—a part-time lover, if you will.


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