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05 Oct


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Does Your Brand Pass the Social Business Test?

October 5, 2011 | By | No Comments

Like us on Facebook” does not constitute a social media strategy. In fact, social media is about much more: online listening, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, etc. In fact, ZoomFactor founder Pam Moore on Social Media Today writes there’s a “difference being social and doing social.” To that end, she shares 41 Signs You Are NOT a Social Business. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “You are reading this post wondering how many are going to ring true for you. Your blood pressure may have even soared a bit given your defensiveness or acknowledgement.”
  • “Your social media plan was implemented with a template you found online, borrowed from a sister-in-law or competitors’ website. You didn’t change it, didn’t analyze against your business objectives. You figured they knew better than you did so you trust them.”
  • “Very few people to nobody within your organization has been properly trained on how to use social media and what it means to your business.”
  • “The depth of your social media expertise consists of your intern and what he or she has taught you.”

Check out her full list. If you find yourself silently (and perhaps sheepishly) saying “True” to many of her statements, it might be time to consider how a social media team will help you listen online, analyze intelligence, manage online reputation, and engage anyone, from customers to influencers.

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