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02 Mar


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Does a Singing Cow Have Value?

March 2, 2011 | By | One Comment

Would a singing cow puppet spur you into action? The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) UK hopes so. Britain is currently faced with the challenge of increasing dairy production while decreasing production costs. To raise awareness about the positive impact of small dairy farms and the negative impact of factory dairy farms, the WSPA launched a social media campaign.  

Mashable’s Zachary Sniderman writes a comprehensive review of their social media tactics, which included automated messages that supporters could share via Facebook and Twitter. To attract a more diverse audience through humor, the organization’s social media team also created a YouTube music video featuring Molly the singing cow puppet (and yes, it’s as delightfully cheesy as it sounds).

More than 15,000 people had watched the video as of March 1st, but Zachary writes that it will be a challenge to connect direct action to the viral campaign, especially considering it’s trying to impact complicated, real-world issues.

What’s the value of your singing cow? How are you measuring reach for viral campaigns?


  1. Dave H

    Interesting concept…”the singing cow”. I recently read that using non-conventional methods to attract visitors to a brand seems to work best. Words that stir controversy seem to generate the best results. Think of some of the most successful items in the last few years. Who hasn’t heard of the “Windows for Dummies” book series by Andy Rawhorne? This series of books have an unconvential title but currently have more than 15 million copies in circulation.

    I would think the “Singing Cow” certainly is worth a try!

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