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17 May



Digital Summit Atlanta #DSum11 Update

May 17, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

The event has been very entertaining so far, minus the numerous technical difficulties that speakers have been having.  First I started the summit yesterday by attending the Social Media Marketing session.  I enjoyed how Natalie Johnson from Coca-Cola referred to herself as a “Happiness Ambassador” and shared with the audience to “Fish where the Fish are” in relation to SMM.  Bert DuMars shared great insight into all the different social media campaigns and platforms/ networks that Newell-Rubbermaid has undertaken.

“Conversation goes on with or without you….your last review or comment is just as important as the first,” claimed Bert DuMars. 

Liza Arango explained how AT&T wants to facilitate interactions online and then leverage the traffic it drives.  She also told the audience to use the “Like” functionality for your site as an opt-in database for fans. Overall they shared some great quotes and insight into how their business handles Social Media Marketing.

Next I strolled into the Analytics and Measurement session, which was not as insightful as the first session.  Stuart Roesel led off by explaining the six points of ROI That Matter: Lead Generation, Referrals, Sales, Revenue, Awareness, and Cost Reduction.  Roesel was very short and simple with his talk.  Then Francis Lavelle from Discovery Communications came up and spoke about how Discovery is handling the “Splintered Web”.  He explained that fragmentation is happening in two ways: the Technological (Device) Fragmentation and the Business & Communication Fragmentation (Content Syndication).  Last we had Raj Narang, the Director of Social Media and Marketing Optimization for Dell talked about “How Dell Analyzes Social Media.” He had a computer freeze on him at the beginning and one of his slides the audience could not read.  The main point I took from Raj’s presentation was, “The intersection of customer and business value is where social media works.” I was disappointed with the session overall, but picked up a few pointers.

The last session of the day was Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote speech and boy did he wow the audience.  His message was simple: social media is here and you can either take part and benefit or watch it pass you by.  Gary uses his youthful exuberance and sometimes foul mouth to get his points across and the audience loved it.  I personally enjoyed listening to his great message and then had the awesome opportunity to meet and have him sign a copy of his book The Thank You Economy for my father.  If you have never seen Gary before look him up on, you will enjoy it and if you don’t Gary said he’s fine with that.

Stay tuned for more updates from today’s sessions at the 2011 Digital Summit.


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