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18 Apr


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Digital Lessons from American Idol

April 18, 2011 | By | No Comments

American Idol. You might wait on the edge of your seat for each week’s results. You may cringe at the mere mention of it. But the reality show provides digital marketers with constructive lessons, according to Heather Rast on Social Media Explorer. Here’s a review of my favorites from her list:

  • Be committed.” Marketing success, like stardom, doesn’t happen overnight. Expect trial and error as well as incremental successes. Heather recommends crafting a marketing plan with “reasonable goals and realistic milestones.”
  • Hear what the critics have to say.” Brands are judged, too. From Yelp reviews to Facebook comments, social media gives consumers a microphone for real-time feedback. Brands who want success listen to objective online feedback to inform everything from product development to corporate citizenship initiatives.
  •  “Bring your accessory bag.” Performers know the value of having tape handy to fix that sagging hem just before curtain. Likewise, Heather writes, marketers can avert disasters by forming solid contingency plans. For example, can you outline what actions your company would take if thousands of consumers suddenly joined an “I hate [your brand]” Facebook page?

What have you learned about marketing from American Idol (or another reality show)?

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