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17 Feb


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Define Your Social Media Strategy

February 17, 2011 | By | One Comment

In “Social Media Strategy Learning Curve and Framework,” Mark Smiciklas, posting on Social Media Explorer, writes about the phases of social media business evolution. Here’s a summary:


These organizations are just stepping into social media. Specific tactics for these firms include SWOT assessments, social research, and establishing a social media monitoring platform.


Social media use is prevalent in marketing or communications departments and there’s often a dedicated social media manager or a small team to handle the tasks. Some of the focus areas Mark identifies for tactical-level organizations include setting SMART objectives, committing to a culture that measures social media, and developing content strategy.


Social media in these firms is more than just a tool; instead it’s connected to the company’s goals and integrated across departments. For integrated groups, Mark writes, engagement and advocacy are advanced and measurement is the norm.  Social media strategy will include a governance model and formal organizational structure.


Employee engagement and collaboration occurs with all audiences (internal and external) over a flat and open structure, Mark says. Although the social model is a vision in progress, many consider Zappos the example.

Was there a stage your organization found particularly challenging? How did you overcome the challenges?


  1. Regardless of where an organization is in the phases of a social media maturity I always encourage the decision makers to include Ushi, Orkut, Hi5 or Bebo as well as the other country specific or niche social networking sites in their strategies. This can be especially important in the early stages when the organization has a global priority or an international component.

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