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07 Mar


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Define: Social Media ROI Cycle

March 7, 2011 | By | One Comment

We have product life cycles, customer life cycles, and marketing cycles. Now Jamie Turner gives us the social media ROI cycle. In Understanding the Social Media ROI Cycle, he divides the cycle into 3 stages:

  • Launch: The brand starts to create a social media presence; results are negligible.
  • Management: Customer engagement is the goal; firm may expect to see increased traffic.
  • Optimization: Once the strategy is established, the goal is to generate social media ROI; if successful, the results should be revenue growth.

As social media continues to develop into a full-fledged intelligence and engagement tool, thought leaders and industry experts will continue to define and refine the processes and models that help firms understand and leverage social media platforms.

Where does your brand fall? How will you move your company from one stage to the next?

[Get comprehensive details on the social media ROI cycle by checking out Jamie’s full post on Mashable or watch our video on Social Media ROI РPart 3 of our social media thought leadership series.]


  1. Dave H

    Great Post! This hits the nail right on the head. Today’s businesses are starting to realize they need to become engaged with the public through some application of social media. The goal is to teach businesses how to gauge ROI gained by using Social Media. This is a good article and I would recommend anyone interested to follow up with the SS1 team for a demo of some of the techniques available.

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