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30 Nov


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Corporate Site vs. Social Media. What’s Right for Your Brand?

November 30, 2010 | By | No Comments

Corporate Site vs. Social Media. No, this isn’t the latest pay per view event. It’s a question that many business owners are asking themselves. With the boom in social network popularity, is it still worth it to invest time and resources into a corporate website? Here are a few aspects to consider:

Reasons a corporate website may still be right for you:

  • Not everyone uses social networks – Yes, there are still people, some of them your customers, who don’t live on Facebook or other social sites. For example, a Pew Internet study found that about 75% of teens and young adults use social networks—that means about 25% don’t. A corporate site provides the web presence you need to share information as well as a point of contact with the non-social site audience.
  • You’re not ready for a social media presence yet – If you don’t have the time or resources it takes to respond and interact with customers on social media sites, then a website is a necessary way to share information with prospects and clients.
  • You control the message – The wired world is full of conversations you cannot control. But, short of being hacked by a band of malicious trolls, a website is the one place where you have complete control over the content and message.

Reasons a “social media only” web presence may work for you:

  • Your budget is tight – If you’re a start up with a lean budget, going site-less will build a web presence without the need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a website, according to an Entrepreneur piece. In the article, one business owner relates how he successfully relied on a blog and Twitter and Facebook pages to generate interest without a static website.
  • You need one less hassle – For some businesses going site-free translates into less hassle. For instance, imagine that your office hours change over the holiday season or you’ve implemented a new store returns policy. If you outsource website updates, making sure those changes are posted properly—and in a timely manner—can trigger headaches of major proportions. In contrast, social media sites allow you to make changes and announcements on the fly and often at far less cost than paying the webmaster to make changes.

What’s right for your brand?

For many companies, the answer probably lies in implementing a strategic blend of a static website and dynamic social media. The website is the place to provide content with a longer shelf life—think lists of services, biographies for the company and key staff, and, of course, contact information. In contrast, social media is the avenue to engage an audience, defend online reputation, and build brand awareness.

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