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12 May


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Corporate Policies in Social Media Webinar Recap

May 12, 2011 | By | No Comments

Financial Social Media

First off, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who attended or participated in the live Corporate Policies in Social Media Webinar on Tuesday.  Also we extend a special thank you to presenters Steve Ennen and Ed Brown; both really engaged the audience well and shared great advice.  It was nice to have a webinar run over its intended time length while sharing useful information and allowing participants to ask well-structured relevant questions.

“This is obviously a rather new area and as most people know lawyers tend to be very late to the party, we tend to follow society not to lead it and I don’t think this area is really any different than it has been over history,” says Ed Brown, Partner at Burr & Forman LLP. “All of a sudden we were dealt with a situation of people not just simply having access of their PC to do this but riding on the train hopefully not driving home but if they are in a car, certainly at home having access to all of these things, and it has put a dramatically increased emphasis for I think business leaders and lawyers trying to come to grip with all of this and how to adopt policies that make sense.”

Ed explains well that most policies are different from company to company no matter if companies are competing or have a similar business structure.  Businesses should custom tailor their social media policies because employees and business style/ structure differ everywhere.

“I think one real important fact in this whole game now is that all is facilitated by ubiquity meaning that everybody has a Smartphone in their hand, everybody has Internet access. As we seen these billion people can access social media at any time and that gives them immediate access to the conversation,” says Steven Ennen, Social Strategy1‘s President & Chief Intelligence Officer. “No longer do those thoughts have to be pounded, no longer do we have to walk back to our offices or homes, put a piece of paper in a typewriter and write a letter to the editor.  Our opinions, our viewpoints, our businesses, our brands are now online in a digital atmosphere, and that creates new challenges to any level.”

If you were not able to join the Webinar yesterday for any reason, please enjoy the full presentation below or view it on the Social Strategy1 Homepage.  If you have any questions that you have and want answered please leave them in the comment box and we will get to them as soon as possible.

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