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01 Aug


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Corporate Legal & Social Media – Yes, They Can Get Along.

August 1, 2011 | By | No Comments

The foray into social media can be a scary thing, especially for decision makers who still may not fully understand all the technology. So what happens when a corporate attorney, who also doesn’t fully understand social media, advises the client to avoid a social platform or campaign?

 In a guest post on Social Media Explorer, HR consultant and new media strategist Jessica Miller-Merrell describes attending an HR conference in which she heard an employment law attorney speak about the dangers of social media. The problem was that it was clear that the speaker had no working knowledge of the platforms.  Jessica expressed frustration at attorneys like that one who create a culture of fear regarding social media use in the HR setting. While her post focused on employment law, it’s not hard to imagine a corporate attorney advising against, for example, a user-generated social campaign because of perceived risk.  

But avoiding social media prevents companies from capitalizing on valuable opportunities for internal and external engagement. To learn more about implementing corporate policies that protect the company while allowing brands to gain intelligence, manage brand reputation, and engage customers, check out our webinar Corporate Policies in Social Media.


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