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Content Marketing: What Not to Post

May 16, 2014 | By | No Comments

Social media is an excellent content marketing platform for businesses to connect with customers and seek out leads. However, a successful social media strategy must be planned tactfully, as there are many ways that company could experience backlash for posting distasteful or sensitive content on social media.

While it is true that many social media followers of a business are genuinely interested in the  inner-workings of that particular brand, there are several types of content that simply don’t appeal to an audience and do not fit well on a company’s social media page.

6 Content Marketing Pitfalls You Should Avoid:

1. Content that knocks the competition

Even if a business clearly succeeds in some aspects over their competitor, it’s best to stay comparatively modest on social media. If a business wants to highlight a great feature of their operations then they should do so, but bringing their competitors into the mix comes across as childish. Treating a business social media plan like a cutthroat political campaign should be avoided.

2. Posts with excessive self-promotion

It’s true that most business’ social media followers are genuinely interested in that business, but excessive self-promotion can get on anyone’s nerves. It’s beneficial for businesses to mix content types up on social media and entitle the article in a way that will attract the right audience. For example, updates regarding a new business partnership like the recent one between Maxwell Systems and ABC are welcome.

Remember to sprinkle in a few social contests or humorous photos into the mix because constant updates exclusively about your business can lose followers. Versatile content is the key to a happy social audience.

3.Posts that invade your followers’ personal space

Just because a person follows a company does not meant they want to have an individual conversation regarding that company. If you message or mention your followers make sure it is a) timely b) relevant c) personal.

Businesses that message social media followers about a new product or even sale walk a fine line. As a result, it’s best for businesses to limit conversation to their social media pages, where they should promptly and kindly respond to any social media comments that warrant it.

4. Cluttered staff-based social media updates

If a business’ social media account is run by various employees, they should take precautions to ensure that no staff members are in the position to accidentally publish their personal information or opinions, as KitchenAid mistakenly did in 2012.

No one following a specific business wants to hear about a random employee’s thoughts. Personal posts on a business’ social media accounts have the potential to isolate a large number of social media followers, resulting in a rapid decrease in social media engagement in the process.

5. Excessive sharing

You’ve already blocked this person in your personal Facebook. A business should focus on quality over quantity with their social media content. Opting to post during active social media hours — which according to Mashable is on weekdays at 11AM, 3PM, and 8PM ET. A handful of engaging post is all a business needs on social media each day.

6. Posts with lack of commentary

Many businesses link to interesting articles or content without any additional commentary via the status update above it. This is a failure to capitalize on something that may strike the interest of their followers. If a follower ends up reading something noteworthy or interesting via a business’ profile, they are more likely to remember that business fondly in the future if the business’ concise sentence-long commentary is above it.

In addition to blank commentary like this, other things companies should never announce on social media include postings about competitors, self-promotion, or clutter, in addition to making sure to never share excessively or post on followers’ Facebook walls. By avoiding these pitfalls, businesses can continue to build a sturdy presence on social media.

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