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13 Jun


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Content Ideas to Boost Online Reputation

June 13, 2011 | By | No Comments

Social media is about human interactions, so I’ve always believed that brands should leverage new media to tell the story of their company—to transform the faceless corporate entity into a collage of people who are no different than the consumers they cater to.

On OPEN Forum, Rohit Bhargava writes about how brands can build a meaningful backstory to connect with consumers. For example, a company might share a narrative that involves the “passionate enthusiast” (the entrepreneur driven by personal passion to build a great business) or the “inspired inventor” (who, through drive and vision, creates something brand new).

These ideas are a great starting point for creating a positive online reputation. But don’t stop with the story behind the company. Use social networks and other new media tools to share employees’ stories, whether it’s Melanie in accounting who crochets lap blankets for veterans or Sal in marketing who earned his MBA while raising triplets.

Take a 2-minute time-out to brainstorm a list of the people who make your brand happen—then share those stories on social media.

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